Marianne Phillips is an artist and a maker of things. She has a passion for layers and incorporating found objects into her work. As an explorer of the urban landscape and seaside she is forever in search of rusty metal, worn bits of glass or other discarded treasures. Marianne has a passion for reinventing existing materials and transforming them into works of visual art or eclectic functional and wearable items.

She has recently become interested in making public art statements to leave positive messages about issues that are important to her such as caring for our fragile planet 


"My art making is very intuitive, spontaneous and experimental. It incorporates a variety of techniques such as drawing, painting, printmaking, encaustics and photography. I also love the textile arts and working with metals. I find there is a wonderful almost magical alchemy that happens in the creative process when using a variety of techniques and materials. I am never able to work on just one project at a time because ideas bubble up for other projects that I am compelled to explore. One thing mysteriously leads me down the path to another!"